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Tokyo is somewhat of an enigma. Founded and maintained through ancient traditions, yet the undoubted forerunner in terms of futuristic technology and fast living it is a city of vast contrasts. Food is very important in Japan with chefs training for decades before being ready to tackle a top position in a kitchen. Such devotion to craft and technique probably explains why Japanese food is one of the most sought after varietals the world over nowadays. Only the finest ingredients and freshest seafood make the final cut in the nations finest sushi emporiums, and tempura houses. Perhaps the most appealing thing about Tokyo’s dining scene is the amount of new and exciting eating styles on offer. Teppanyaki dining offers diners a chance to see their food prepared and cooked by flambouyant chefs in an eyecatching display reminiscent of Tom cruise in cocktail, Robakayaki dining is a far more relaxed affair and Kaiseki stylings offer diners a very feudal and traditional experience. And the cuisine itself is somewhat of a voyage of discovery, utilizing many ingredients native only to Japan such as Kobe beef, Ume plum or Daikon radishes. For anyone who thinks they know their Tempura from their Teriyaki Tokyo is a must, as nowhere does it better.

Restaurants in Tokyo

New York Grill
Beige By Alain Ducas
Sukibayashi Jiro
Hotel Mikuni
Restaurant Hiramatsu
Le Chateaux De Joel
Restaurant Morimoto
Ten Ichi
Shiba - Daigo
L Osier

Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo Park Hyatt

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