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Stockholm has been the political and economic centre of Sweden since the 13th century and today is the largest municipality of Sweden, making it the most populous city within city limits in Scandinavia. With its location on the east coast of Sweden at the mouth of Lake Mälaren, by the Stockholm archipelago, it is widely renowned for its natural beauty, making it the perfect scene for a dinner engagement. Scandinavia has been heralded as the home of molecular gastronomy, a technique that Stockholm (along with neighboring Copenhagen) spearheads. Fans of El Bulli and the fat Duck’s style of cookery would do well to consider the highly original stylings Stockholm has to offer. Though of course if you’re after something more traditional there’s a host of great European style restaurants that boast Michelin stars and star names behind the stoves too.

Restaurants in Stockholm

Eriks Gondolen
Paul And Norbert
Locanda Klara Norra
Pontus In The Greenhouse

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