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The extraordinary cuisine of Brazil is an amalgam of the cooking heritage of three disparate groups of people: the native Indians, the conquering Portuguese and the African slaves they brought to work in the sugar cane fields. The distinct contribution of each is still apparent in many Brazilian dishes today. The multitude of delicious Churascarrias (Brazillian style steakhouses) showcase the best of Brazilís Pampas fed livestock. Thereís no mistaking that meat is certainly on the menu in Rio! Mouthwatering cuts of slow roasted Picanha, Costela de Porca, Coxa de Frango and Cordeiro are grilled over an open flame just like the Gauchoís (South Americasí Cowboys) have done for centuries guaranteeing a cut thatís brimming with flavor and succulent and tender to the taste. As the multi-ethnic giant of South America, Brazil is a land of exciting contrasts. It is home to the Pantanal, the world's largest wetlands, the great Amazon River and tropical rain forest, world famous beaches, and the mighty Iguacu Falls. For the most part, only the coastal regions house populated centres, the greatest and most flambouyant of which is Rio De Janiero, a yearlong sundrenched carnival reknowned for itís easy going lifestyle and colorful heritage.

Restaurants in Rio De Janeiro

Ipanema Mix By Bronze
Hotel Cipriani Ristorante
Ristorante Alfredo Di Roma
Sushi Leblon
Mistura Fina

Hotels in Rio De Janeiro

Copacabana Palace

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