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The nucleus and largest city of Norway, Olso, is the world’s most expensive city to live in along with London, with pay packets being the highest in Europe along with Zurich and copenhagen. Not surprising then that a host of cultural and fine dining options have sprung up to accommodate the burgeoning jet set. English is spoken almost as a second language making it a haven for global commerce, aided further by it’s large Russian speaking conglomerate. A strong maritime history that has existed since the viking days has prevailed to this day, with the harbor and ports being a tourist and business haven a thousand years after Harold Hadrade founded the city. The climate is versatile, with long houred summers and dark snowy winters, making it a haven for both ski and swimming! Ask anyone who’s been and they’ll remark on how the cold weather melts away compared to the warm welcoming hearts of the inhabitants of this wonderful city.

Restaurants in Oslo

Spisestedet Feinschmeker
Annen Etage
Restaurant Julius Fritzner
Le Canard

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