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Southern California’s Napa valley wine country sets the tone for fine dining on the western seaboard of the USA. It’s here where Thomas Keller first set up his French Laundry, the USA’s premier dining location situated in the just outside the San Francisco Bay Area and where he continues to expand his empire around the Yontville area. Likewise a host of similar venues that constantly crop up in critics’ top 50 USA restaurant lists are scattered jus d’esprit across this area. With a fleet of both chic, quaint bistro themed eateries and lavish temples of gastronomy the Napa Valley truly possesses something for every taste.

Restaurants in Napa Valley

French Laundry
Bouchon And Bouchon Bakery
L Auberge Carmel
Lauberge Du Soleil
Royal Oak

Hotels in Napa Valley


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