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As one of the fastest developing of the world’s nations India has a wealth of cultural treasures that are just revealing themselves to the outside world. One such gem is Mumbai, formerly Bombay, once thought of as a poor man’s Delhi but now the epitome of everything chic and new in the entire land. It’s here that India’s Bollywood glitterati make their homes, prompting the nickname “LA of the East”, and like their City of Angels’ counterparts they’ve no shortage of places to go for dinner or a quick bite! This place is one of its kind in the world with a Fusion of Californian and Indian cuisines not found anywhere else. Mumbai is a great place for fondue, smoked cheese and crab and beef dishes as well as superlative traditional Indian cuisine. Mumbai promises diners a real flavor of the East, with more than a nod towards western culture and cuisine that they may be more familiar with.

Restaurants in Mumbai

Henry Tham
Wasabi By Morimoto
Zodiac Grill
Jimmy Boy
Great Wall

Hotels in Mumbai

Taj Mahal Palace And Tower

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