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For many years Muscovites were the only ones privy to the culinary delights of Mother Russia’s Capital. In more recent times however more and more of the outside world has been discovering for itself what Moscow’s thriving restaurant scene has to offer. National delicacies like Sevruga and Beluga caviar and Sturgeon roe are a must try for any adventurous egalitarian, still as popular and carefully prepared as when the Tzars ruled centuries ago. The opening up of Russia’s doors has benefited restauranteurs too as now, alongside the traditional Russian Fayre, is a hearty amount of European and Orientally influenced hotspots. Withdrawn from most of western Europe Moscow is an unknown entity for most who arrive, but who leave with experiences they will relive for years to come.

Restaurants in Moscow

Le Duc
1 Red Square
Cafe Pushkin
Cafe Vogue

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