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A magnet for the affluent socio-economic classes Monaco draws the aristocratic, celebrity and the beautiful fashinista like no other place on the Mediterranean Riviera. Though it may not be the biggest principality going (in fact with a population of just 32,410 and an area of a mere 1.96 square kilometers monaco is the worlds second smallest sovreignty) but it boasts more millionaires per capita than any other independent nation.With its stunning natural scenery and mild sunny climate Monaco is an ideal place to jet off to for a casual break with a special someone. Dining in Monaco is no-less luxurious than one would expect. The Michelin star big-hitters are aplenty with heavyweights Ducasse and Robuchon both in attendance. And there’s a wealth of fine luxury restaurants within the confines of the many opulent hotels. As one would expect the cuisine is almost unanimously French, but when the nation that engulfs you produces arguably some of the finest food in the world why look beyond your doorstep!

Restaurants in Monaco

Le Grill De L Hotel De Paris
Chevre Dor
Louix Xv
Bar Et Bouef
Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo
La Coupole
Maxims De Monte Carlo

Hotels in Monaco

Hotel De Paris
Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo

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