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With itís reputation as the most fashionable city in the world Milano in northern Italy is never going to fall short when it comes to stylish places to dine. Food here is trendy and chic, with emphasis placed on fresh ingredients and technique rather than the vats of spaghetti and meatballs or pizza that Italy is somewhat famed for. Fast paced and forever changing to satisfy the latest fashions Milanís culinary scene is a social chameleon, with very few places able to maintain a run at the top for long. Longevity is only guaranteed by offering top notch cuisine in surroundings that ooze genuine class. Italian institutions like Bice made their home here, as have multi-national chain Cracco-Peck. Thereís also a whole host of classic fine dineries here that have been stood for generations and arenít out of place in the company of the international big hitters like Nobu that now share the streets with them.

Restaurants in Milan

Dal Pescatore
Altro @ Spazio Strato
Cracco Peck
Quattro Centro
Armani Nobu
Bouecc Dal 1696

Hotels in Milan

Bvlgari Hotel Milano
Carlton Hotel Baglioni

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