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Today Melbourne is a diverse and multicultural city. Almost a quarter of Victoria's population was born overseas, and the city is home to residents from 233 countries, who speak over 180 languages and dialects and follow 116 religious faiths. No wonder then that many of itís best restaurants are Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and European rather than all modern Australian. A cultural melting pot likened to San Francisco or Amsterdam Melburnianís donít take life too seriously and this is reflected in their dining, a conglomerated mixture of styles found nowhere else, where cultures techniques and ingredients combine in new, exotic and exciting ways.

Restaurants in Melbourne

Rockpool Bar And Grill
Flower Drum
Cafe Di Stasio
Circa The Prince
Taxi Dining Room
The Point - Albert Park
The Botanical
Three One Two
The Press Club

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