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As the matadors and senioritas enjoy a siesta or a sangria, the kitchens of Madrid are busy preparing for another busy night of Tapas and San Miguel. But thereís more to Madridís fine dining scene than Gazspacho, Paella and Omelettes. Spainís reemergence as a cultural force to be reckoned with has been embraced wholeheartedly by the capital which now boasts the lions share of internationally renowned cuisine found anywhere in Spain. Seen largely as a paper tiger for decades Madrid now boasts some of the most palatable cuisine on the planet. Thereís an ever expanding array of traditional tapas and seafood dishes flanked by orient inspired fusion cooking from the east and neo-classic meat and poultry concepts from the west. Success is on the menu in Madrid with a burgeoning gastronomic renaissance currently gripping the city at every turn.

Restaurants in Madrid

La Terraza Del Casino
Divina La Cocina
Las Cuatros Estaciones
La Broche
El Amparo

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