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As Europe’s Capital of Culture 2008 Liverpool is experiencing a cultural renaissance. With an airport due to triple in size in three years and real estate, Commerce and entertainment property sprouting up all over the place it’s become the fastest growing city in Europe. No longer are The Beatles and Football teams the only things making all the headlines, the modern restaurant scene is making inroads into the psyche of Merseysiders too. With the largest china town in Europe and with its historic maritime history Liverpool is no stranger to foreign visitors and has welcomed their gastronomic cuisines and customs along with them. Long gone are the days when “Scouse” is on the menu, although North West celebrity Chef Paul Heathcote has even been known to tackle this local delicacy at his restaurant from time to time!

Restaurants in Liverpool

Pan American Club
Chung Ku
60 Hope Street
London Carriageworks
Simply Heathcotes
Sapporo Tepanyaki
Blue Bar And Grill
The Living Room
Alma De Cuba

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