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Historically Byzantium and then Constantinople, modern Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city and it’s financial and cultural centre. Both Asian and European this metropolis is a mesh of old and new ideas, a perfect blend of Arabic, African and European cultures and mindsets. The city on Seven Hills as it has been affectionately known since Roman times sits abreast of the magnificent Golden Hon Harbour and has been a trading centre for nigh on two millennia. Istanbul is becoming increasingly colorful in terms of its rich social, cultural, and commercial activities. While world famous pop stars fill stadiums, activities like opera, ballet and theater continue throughout the year. During seasonal festivals, world famous orchestras, chorale ensembles, concerts and jazz legends can be found often playing to a full house. The International ilm Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Europe, while the Istanbul Biennial is another major event of fine arts. A city on the grow, Istanbul has stood the test of time and is a welcoming place for any tourist or business seeker.

Restaurants in Istanbul

L Abbysin

Hotels in Istanbul

Swissotel Istanbul
Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

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