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The Pearl of the orient, Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot. Awash with contrasts, eastern tradition meets the western world in Asia’s financial capital. There’s a wealth of great places to wine and dine both on the ultra-mod fast paced island itself and in the more traditional Kowloon peninsula. No matter where the restaurant however, the Chinese people will always stand alike in their passion for food. Food is a form of art in Hong kong and thus is the most popular verbal acknowledgement amongst members of the Chinese society. Instead of the westernized greeting of "how are you", the more familiar way of heralding is "sek cho fan mei", which means "have you eaten yet". For the Chinese, eating is not just a necessity to keep alive, but rather an entertaining experience, as well as an enjoyment of the tasty thrill of the palate. There’s no chance of picking up a quick bite here, Food is prepared meticulously and with the finest ingredients to ensure a sumptuous bounty at every course.

Restaurants in Hong Kong

M At The Fringe
Yan Toh Heen
Mandarin Grill
Petrus Hk
Pierre Ii
Spoon By Alain Ducasse
Chow Chung
Bo Innoseki
Lung King Heen
Yellow Door

Hotels in Hong Kong

The Peninsula
Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

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