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As if table mountain wasn’t a big enough clue, visitors to South Africa’s largest city are constantly amazed at the menagerie of dining options they’re faced with on arrival. Often diners have spent several months planning the finer details of their safari or visits to the wine country but haven’t stopped to think about lunch! With a meeting of European, middle Eastern and African influences Cape Town has a unique gastronomic pedigree unseen anywhere else. Breakfast on the beach, Lunch with a backdrop vista that consists of Mountains and vineyards of or Dinner in the ultra modern city centre there’s a buffet of dining options each with its own identity, but each one quintessentially South African. Unquestionably the most modern city on the Continent Cape town is achingly familiar yet reassuringly original.

Restaurants in Cape Town

Le Quartier Francais
La Colombe
95 Keerom
Cape Colony

Hotels in Cape Town

Le Quartier Francais
Mount Nelson Hotel

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