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Spain has been somewhat of a sleeping giant in recent times, failing to rival the likes of the UK, France and Italy as a major gastronomic power. But those days are seemingly over, as since the dawn of the new millennia Spainish chefs have really began delivering in droves. This is none more apparent than in it’s two main cities Madrid and the coastal, temperate and generally more accessible Barcelona. With its unique position in coastal Spain cornered by Italy and France Barcelona enjoys a culinary palette awash with flavors of Tuscany and the wine country of Provence and Languedoc. Seafood is naturally a speciality with fresh catches from the Mediterenean appearing on most menus amongst succulent beef and chicken dishes. Tapas is popular, naturally, with some spectacular locations on the beach to sample the local produce. Clearly taking in concepts from the nearby El Bulli (the world’s number one restaurant) the Catalan’s are certainly causing quite a stir amongst the world’s diners.

Restaurants in Barcelona

San Pau
Agut D Avigon
Jean Luc Figueras
El Raco De Can Fabes
Via Veneto

Hotels in Barcelona

Hotel Majestic
Gran Hotel De Florida
Hotel Arts
Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I -business & City Resort

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