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Greece will certainly not be found wanting for a bit of culture. The oldest civilized society in Europe has been at the forefront of all things sophisticated since Hercules completed his twelve tasks. After a less than impressive last millennium a recent return to form has shown this sleeping giant has lost none of itís verve and refined spirit. And as in the days of yore when Socrates and Plato contemplated lifeís mysteries, the capital remains at the heart of everything. Contemporary Greek cookery itself is typical of Mediterranean cuisine, making wide use of olive oil, grains and bread, wine, fish, and various meats, including poultry and rabbit. Greeceís ancient culinary tradition has evolved over the centuries and absorbed numerous influences from across Europe, making it one of the neo-favorites of elite gastrophiles.

Restaurants in Athens

Gb Roof Gardens
Aristera Dexia
Plous Podilatou

Hotels in Athens

Hotel Grande Bretagne

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