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Restaurants in Amsterdam have certainly absorbed much of the cityís infamous flamboyance and color. Everything here is designed to shock and awe, facets that the culinary scene has embraced with open arms. With itís unique position between France, the U.K and Germany and with a cultural divergence and acceptance that makes it a global Mecca for travelers Amsterdamís restaurants are among the most lavish establishments found anywhere in the world. Fun is the order of the day, with many restaurants featuring clubs and cabaret as well as fine dining, just remember to approach these venues and their menus with an open mind as anything could happen once youíre inside! For the quieter mind thereís a whole host of fine dining restaurants along the Amstel and in the heart of the city that boast top celebrity chefs and Michelin stars serving up local and international cuisine.

Restaurants in Amsterdam

Ciel Bleu
La Rive
De Silveren Spiegel
Restaurant De Belhamel
Sama Sebo
D Vijff Vlieghen

Hotels in Amsterdam

Hotel L'europe
The Dylan
Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam

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