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32/2 Leningradsky Prospect,
Tel: + 7 4959602000
Fax: + 7 4952508003

Though it’s been completely renovated and refurbished since its establishment in 1826 the Yar restaurant still holds a decidedly turn of the twentieth century veneer. The restaurants extensive and colourful history is preserved in the numerous paintings, pre-revolutionary photographs and moldings, on the near-century old marblite walls, still standing as they were when Rasputin and Tolstoy themselves dined here. Now housed within the impressive Sovietsky hotel the restaurant is a testament to all things elegant. The kitchen has been brought up to date in a big way, offering modern haute cuisine like Russian caviar collections, Foie Gras on an apple pillow, garnished with glazed rhubarb and “Kvass” bread or Smoked tender duckling breast with mango and marinated strawberry salsa. A perfect blend of old school refinement and modern day Michelin starred gastronomy.
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Cuisine: Modern Eclectic
Ambience: Formal Fine Dining
Groups: Private Rooms
Special: Established Favourite, Star-Spotting

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