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Sarova Stanley
P.O.Box 30680
Tel: +254 -020 - 222 88 30 Fax: +254 -020 - 2229388

One of the city's most elegant dining establishments, The Thai Chi Restaurant at The Sarova Stanley, boasts the finest in authentic Thai cuisine. Situated opposite the Exchange Bar on the first floor, The Thai Chi is a small piece of Thailand in Nairobi. You will be immersed in Thai culture as you enjoy the delicacies of their executive Thai chef, a highly respected artisan who has worked in some of the finest Thai restaurants in Thailand. What gives Thai food its distinctive character is a harmony or flavours, a taste combination that is a mix of sour, salty, hot and aromatic. The use of peanuts and coconut in the curries is characteristically Thai, as is the use of distinct ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, ginger, fresh lime and palm sugar. The herbs and fresh ingredients yield different aromas and flavors in each Thai dish. At the Thai Chi Restaurant you will enjoy a range of authentic Thai dishes.
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