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6-6-5 Ginza,
Chou Ku,
Tel: +81 3 35711949

Tempura is one of those deceptively simple foods. Vegetable or meat and batter deep-fried in oil. How hard could it be? As with most delicious simplicities, making it is not hard. Making it to perfection however approaches an artform. In this restaurant, located on Namiki Dori in the heart of Ginza's nightlife district, you can sit at a counter and watch the chef prepare some of the most spectacular Tempura anywhere in the world. This is the main outlet of a 70-year-old restaurant chain that helped the tempura style of cooking gain worldwide recognition. Today Ten-ichi still has one of the best reputations in town for serving the most delicately fried foods, along with its special sauce (or, if you prefer, you can dip the morsels in lemon juice with a pinch of salt). Tempura Scallops and innumerable Shrimp dishes are particular highlights, as are the accompaniments which include a deceptively tart green salad with Kiwi, Edamame Ginko nuts and tempura Shisheido. The restaurant is a typical warren of small rooms, wonderful traditional Japanese decoration, and friendly staff. Deep-frying with these kinds of results is truly a skill that should be more common around the world. In the meantime, Ten-Ichi awaits.

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