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Rio De Janeiro

Rua Dias Ferreira 256,
Rio De Janeiro
Tel: +55-21-2512-7830

This restaurant may not be the only sushi place in Rio, but it certainly lays claims to being one of Ėif not the- best. Critics constantly put it in the same league as place in Tokyo, Kyoto, San Francisco, Miami, London, and NYC. Thereís often a wait if you donít have reservations, even at 11pm on a Weekday night, donít be surprised to find a line of cariocas out the door. Those fortunate enough to garner a seat at either the impressive wrap-around bar or in the glitzy NYC-esque main room will agree however that a wait is well worth it. The Japanese/Portuguese menu could be a bit challenging for the occasional fan, but everything is pretty good if you just approach it with an open mind. This is were the sharply dressed sons and daughters of Rio's elite and young entertainment types come to feast on signature hand rolls and chilled sake. Don't be intimidated, though; if you like sushi, this is your spot in Rio. It is also in a very safe neighborhood (Leblon) so you can eat in comfort.
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