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Tsukamoto Bld. B1F,
2-15,Ginza 4-chome,
TEL: +81 3 3535-3600

Jiro Ono has an unrivalled repuatation as one of the world’s premier sushi chefs. Though well past retirement age (he is a sprightly 80 years young) Ono hasn’t lost any of the verve and passion for what he does. Nor has he lost any of his flair, offering diners a chameleon of a menu, that changes with the seasons. Meals have many courses that offer a diverse array of fresh pacific fare such as Hokkaido white sea urchin (uni) wrapped in dried seaweed, surf clam ligament (kobashira),Oval squid and even Conger eel in the summer months. Equalibrium is of pivotal importance to the seasoned sushi diner and Ono is a bonafide master of balancing texture and flavor ensuring this is real melt in the mouth stuff with courses spaced apart with absolute precision. The stylish restaurant made up of a bleached, hardwood bar and a few tables is always packed with suited high-rollers entertaining guests and foreigners exhibiting a great interest in the art of sushi-making. Sushi lovers will feel like they are in the promised land, whilst even the uninitiated will be won over by what is always an unforgettable dining experience.

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