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Buenos Aires

Sucre 676
Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 (0) 11 4782-9082

If you only have one night to familiarise yourself with the latest culinary trends in Buenos Aires, look no further than Sucre. From the chic, post-industrial decor—a large, high-ceilinged room with exposed pipes, an open kitchen and an elevated walkway to the bathrooms—to the meat-heavy menu and book-length wine list, the restaurant epitomises the city's current dining style. Aspects of the experience can be aggravating, particularly if your reservation is not respected, which occasionally happens on crowded evenings. But the food is uniformly good and sometimes excellent—the duck magret, in particular, is impressively juicy and tender given the delightful crunchiness of the skin. The staff will call you a taxi when you pay the bill, a useful service given that you are a 15-minute ride from most downtown hotels.

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