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Viaduct Harbour
Tel: +64 93567249
Fax: +64 93567265

Judith Tabron, Soul's owner, a tough-looking blonde, has a very direct opinion of the Kiwi food scene. "We were settled mainly by the British Welsh, Irish and Scottish from the working class," she says. "But the working class didn't want their children to work in the service industry, which has held up our restaurant culture. Tabron is intent on changing all that though. Scampi cocktail with avocado and Moroccan ketchup? Salmon gravlax with asparagus, whitloof, soft poached egg and Caesar dressing? Clearly sheís been paying attention is home economics classes! Soulís cuisine marks a step in the right direction for Aucklandís developing gastronomic scene. Hugely popular as a result of its efforts Soulís Viaduct Harbour location boasts great views over the water, perfect for a soiree on itís all weather terrace as the sun goes down over the southern pacific.
[email protected]

Cuisine: Modern New Zealand
Ambience: Trendy Informal
Groups: Large Parties Accepted
Special: Celebrity Chef

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