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2-3-1 Atago,
105 0002
Tel: +81 334310811
Fax: +81 334311382

This Zen like celebrity haunt has been serving up contemporary vegetarian cuisine in a relaxed natural environment for three generations. Located at the foothills of Atago, Daigo has a calming ambience where diners enjoy a peace, silence and tranquility seldom found within one of the worlds most populated and busy cities. A labyrinth of rooms, each with their own Japanese style seating pit (hori-kotatsu) guarantee privacy and serenity, in a tea-room like environment that features a natural color scheme and furnishings inspired by the seasons. With an abundant source of seasonal foods and no influence in trend, Daigo specializes in traditional foods evolved for modern times, served with the taste of Japan, in the style of a Tea Ceremony. There’s a variety of menu choices on offer with emphasis placed on simple dishes that make the most of basic natural ingredients like kelp and Japanese mushroom broth and home made plum sake. Daigo is as far removed from contemporary Tokyo society as you can get, yet it perfectly illustrates a sense of tradition and value that is, to this day, instilled in the Japanese psyche from generation to generation.

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