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6F 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road,
Tel: + 86 2163239898
Fax: +86 2163238797

On a main thoroughfare which epitomises the New China, a prestigious building is home to the 3 Michelin starred establishment of the Pourcel brothers. Splashes of colour and light are harmoniously combined with low key décor to accentuate the conservatively formal dining room. Those who dine here are truly in good company as the room is themed around the portrait gallery of French kings’. The menu also pays tribute to history but also to innovation, featuring classic French dishes prepared in exciting new ways. The brothers bring a jeweller's touch to a starter of tiny tomatoes stuffed with crab meat, dressed in a light herbed mayonnaise, and roasted prawns served on a bed of mixed leaves dressed in a lemony vinaigrette. It's not that you've never encountered these tastes before, it's just unlikely that you've ever found them orchestrated in this way. Quite simply, the pourcels’ have retained the liveliness of culinary experiment, but tempered it by a deep desire to please their guests. Intricate juxtapositions of flavours and textures created by the use of six or seven different ingredients in the same dish do recall Gagnaire, but the Pourcels' cooking is distinguished by an intense sensuality, which is in contrast to Gagnaire's cerebral, almost scientific approach to creating a new recipe. Indeed the only simple recipe the Pourcels display is one of simple success.
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Cuisine: FRENCH
Ambience: Forma Fine Dining

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