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R.C.Hoofstraat 27,
1071 BL,
Tel: +31 206628146,
Fax: +31 206643142

As one of the premier exploratory powers during medieval times Holland forged very strong bonds with the islands of the Indian Ocean. It’s little wonder then that Amsterdam boasts an amazing array of Pan-Asian and traditional Indonesian cuisine. The best place to try it is this little number, just off the Museumplein. A muted, textural interior, punctuated by vibrant textiles, sets the scene for diners who are taken especially good care of by staff who obviously want you to have a good time. The restaurants speciality is it’s rijsttafel menu, a feast with 23 myriad exotically spiced small dishes, an experience characteristicly enhanced by rush mats and shadow puppets. For the less adventurous diner there’s straightforward, ‘safe’ dishes like bami goreng (spicy fried noodles with vegetables and meat options) and nasi goreng (same, but with the noodles replaced by rice). The chef’s make the most of equatorial produce and conjour up new dishes on an almost daily basis. This charming spots’ excellent sidewalk position makes it the perfect place to drop in before or after a trip into town.
Cuisine: Indonesian Tapas
Ambience: Urbane Fine Dining
Groups: Large Parties Accepted
Special: multi-course

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