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Roppongi Bld 7-21-19,
Tel: +81 3 34790065

In the XEX Atago Green Hills tower complex sits Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s shrine to Japanese Robakiyaki dining. This is a sparkly wonderland for glittery people where food is prepared in the round, the centerpiece? A Teppan chef serving up meat, fish and vegetable dishes right before your eyes. Morimoto's cooking has distinctive Japanese roots, yet it's actually, as the Chef himself puts it "global cooking for the 21st century." His unique cuisine is characterized by beautiful Japanese color combinations and aromas, while the preparation infuses multicultural influences such as traditional Chinese spices and simple Italian ingredients, presented in a refined French style. Confused? That’s the point. Just try his signature cedar-roasted Japanese black cod over truffled celery-root purée and mirin pan juices on for size and you should have some appreciation for what Morimoto’s attempting. Pulling a decidedly cosmopolitan face the restaurant features color scheming and décor straight from the bronze age with simple wood paneling, and runic, metallic decorations throughout. Yet service is decidedly twenty first century with the charismatic chef’s always on hand to entertain and educate. Tokyoites are thrilled to have Morimoto finally open a restaurant in his homeland to rival his restaurants in Philadelphia and New York, and disciples of his cuisine are firm believers that it was worth waiting for.

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