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5-15-3 Minami-Azabu,
Tel: (+81) 334443967,
Fax: (+81) 334443991

Savor the excellent service and highly artistic cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred, owner-chef Hiroyuki Hiramatsu in his original restaurant that opened a quarter of a century ago. Hiramatsuís menu deftly blends innovation and tradition, drawing inspiration from the changing seasons to create dishes that delight both the eye and the palate. His infamous pan-fried turbot with orange zest and the astonishing rare, roast squab (pigeonneau rŰti), a recipe that is original while being firmly anchored in traditional culinary technique, done with a honey glaze in a red wine sauce, is a fine example of his unique take on classic French cuisine. Innovative yet classic, unusually original and flamboyant, yet strangely familiar, Hiramatsuís skill relies on taking the ordinary, adding his unique flair to it and yet still managing to make it accessible for diners. And thereís fantastic wine list that showcases some fabulous French varietals to enhance the cuisine furthermore. The dining room itself is truly a thing of beauty. Candelabra, Traditional floral arrangements and a soft beige and brown color scheme lend a warm hue to this ethereal space that looks like the Paris of Dumasí Count of Monte Cristo. Freshly made over and with the high expectations and standards that are Hiramatsuís ethos this longstanding institution still feels as fresh and innovative as the day it opened. Long may it continue.
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