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Via Campomazzino 14,
Tel: +39 0289517771
Fax: +39 0289501145

In a fifteen century pilgrim hostel renovated by Max de Luca and located about 300 hundered meters from the urban area, the restaurant is surrounded by a large green garden. A brand new culinarian trip proposed by chef Maurizio Mariani helped by the expert hands of his staff, that offers a traditional italian cuisine made not to astonish but to reveal flavors and old tastes, sometimes hidden or forgotten, or just darkened by the trendy. Composed with spontaneity, instinctivity and immediate pleasure. From Braised marrowbone served with rich rice pilaf of saffron and vegetables through to seared tuna medallions with siccillian citrus fruits there’s truly something unqiue and inventive to suit every palate. With a well stocked wine list rich in Champagne and noteworthy Italian varietals and vintages a trip to QuattroCento is truly an ethereal sensory experience.
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