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tverskaya ulitsa 18A
Tel: +7 0952003603
Fax: +7 0952003515

As soon as you step inside Pyramid you find yourself an almost extraterrestrial atmosphere. With its neon hieroglyphs flashing on the walls and futuristically designed furniture that looks like its from a reassuringly expensive Ikea one would be forgiven for thinking thay’d just stepped into a fine dining restaurant in the year 3000. The Pan Asian cuisine ( an odd pairing of Italian and Japanese mainly)is no less intriguing, with concoctions the likes of which you won’t have encountered before –or are likely too again given the whimsical nature of the chef. The waiters adorn special space ship uniforms along with microphones and headsets on their heads whilst a DJ spins the latest tracks from atop a futuristic sphinx. Huge monitors display latest movies and fashion TV channels above diners, thus completing the odd paradigm shift betwixt the two worlds of intergalactic and ancient Egypt. There’s a cafe downstairs if you can’t stay long, but if you’re here to see and be seen then why not take advantage of one of the comfy black sofa’s by the upstairs bar before or after dinner.
Cuisine: Italian-Japanese
Ambience: Urbane Fine Dining
Groups: Large Parties Accepted

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