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Mexico City

Francisco Petrarca 254
Col. Polanco
Mexico City,
DF 11570
Tel: +52 5555454111

Considered by many as one of Mexico City’s premier dinning experience, Enrique Olvera offers an individualistic and insightful approach to Mexican cuisine. Located in the Polanco district of Mexico City, Pujol occupies a small, sleek and very elegant space on a side street. The room is a study and contrast in white. White walls broken only by discrete and narrow strips of contemporary art, crisp white table linens, oversized white china, white jacketed waiters and blond woods. It's cool, it's trendy and sexy, but definitely not sterile. And for all the whiteness, the room still manages to be open and inviting rather than cold and stark. Pujol offers an a la carte menu, as well as a 5 course tasting menu and a 9 course chefs menu (dinner only). Enrique has done a remarkable job of translating family flavors to the contemporary dining scene, proving why he is one of the darlings of fine dining in D.F. The accolades are well earned and well deserved.
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