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Seestrasse 160
Tel: +41 449100715

The Zagat European edition proclaims this the best restaurant in Europe. We might not go that far but we'd cite it as the best restaurant in Switzerland. Since it opened in the early 1980s, this restaurant has attracted most of the well-heeled gastronomes in Zurich, as well as such notables as the emperor of Japan and the Swiss president. Relentlessly elegant, but with a staff that's more hip and alert than you may expect, it lies 10km (6 miles) south of Zurich in the hamlet of Küsnacht, near Rapperswil, within a house whose date of construction (1873) is marked above a wood-burning stove in the dining room. Most of the year, the restaurant accommodates only 55 diners, but in summer an outdoor terrace ringed with flowering shrubs and flowers adds another 20 places. Amid a collection of upscale accoutrements and well-rehearsed service rituals, you can enjoy such inventive dishes as a tartare of beef and caviar with a potato galette, roasted duck with honey-lemon sauce, lobster with a purée of celery, lobster-studded potato salad with a leek-based cream sauce, stuffed squid with a confit of fennel, and young hen stuffed with shrimp. Dessert may include a gratin of wild strawberries with cannelloni stuffed with almond paste. You'll find almost anything you order irresistible.
Ambience: Formal Fine Dining

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