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7 Protochny Side-street
Tel: +7 4952440777

This three-storey mansion boasts a capacious café on the first two levels and a fine dining restaurant atop the third. There is a mixture of Oriental, Indonesian and Indian styles at play with cream colored furniture, soft sofas with red pillows, a bar-counter made of granite, and golden brass blinds. There’s a chill-out zone hidden behind the main wall where the hip and trendy go to wind down or wind up depending on the time. The restaurant has soft sofa chairs with soft pillows and puffs on the both sides of the room with handwoven textiles aligning the walls, and lamps in the shape of odd-fashion bottles under the ceiling. In the center of the main room there is a grill and ice bar boasting an array of various sea food: lobsters, shellfishes, oysters, shrimps etc. Outside of the oceanic fare there’s an assortment of pasta dishes that are a decent alternative. In the Summer a terrace, designed in golden colors with five all-weather tents offers diners an alfresco option to boot.

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