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945 W Fulton Market,
IL 60607
Tel: +1 3124910058

A word of caution, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat for the sake of eating Moto is not the place for you. If you’re after the perfect spot to make that all important business deal, Moto is not for you. If the in laws are in town and you’re looking for somewhere to take them out and see the city –you guessed it- Moto is not for you. That’s because at Moto the experience is too good to waste your time worrying about anything else other than whats going on around you. The décor is minimal though, so expect the bulk of the surprises to appear at your table. Chef Homaro Cantu, who worked with Chicago celebrity chef Charlie Trotter for 4 years, calls his cuisine "avant-garde with Asian influences" -- but what he's really interested in is taking dining beyond just eating. Dishes here are interactive experiences. For example, he entwines fresh herbs in custom-designed corkscrew-handled spoons, which allows the scent of the herbs to waft toward diners as they eat. For the ultimate made-to-order dish, an insulated box cooks a piece of fish right at the table. Cantu's got a sense of humor, too -- during a raw food course, he uses a "virtual aroma device" to emit a subtle smoky scent, and sometimes the menu itself is edible. Dining here is strictly degustation, with 4-course, 7-course, and 10-course options and a "gastronomic tasting menu" of up to 17 courses so come with an empty stomach and an open-mind.
Cuisine: Molecular
Ambience: Urbane Fine Dining
Special: Celebrity Chef,

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