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San Francisco

2247 Market St
San Francisco,
CA 94114,
Tel: +1 4156215256

Right out of the 60ís Lime, stationed on the old Leticia's site has fast become an eat and drink destination, not only for Castrophiles but all of Frisco. Modernist decor courtesy of style artisan Craige Walters and a decadent small plate, globetrotting bill of fare from renowned chef Sharon Ardiana, Lime caters to those in search of great food, great drinks and electric atmosphere. Ideal for a quick early stop off or late night affair Lime's sexy, sleek and international vibe sets the benchmark for future restaurants in the whole city. After a late Saturday night shindig the morning after offers an eclectic Sunday brunch experience consisting of both a traditional and new wave breakfast menu, complete with refreshing middle-of-the-day cocktails and all-you-can-drink mimosas for those looking to get back on it!

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