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Schiffbaustrasse 4
Right Bank
Tel: +41 442587071

One of the most hip and sought-after restaurants in Zurich today is set within a severe-looking factory built during the 19th century to manufacture boats and lake cruisers. Today it's the centerpiece of an urban renewal known as Zuri-West, wherein affluent hipsters congregate in ways you might have expected in New York's SoHo or TriBeCa. A team of architects labored to maintain the original battered shell of the redbrick factory. Their avant-garde solution involved enclosing the restaurant within an enormous but delicate-looking high-tech box of steel beams and plexiglass, all of it suspended from the building's ceiling and redbrick walls. Centered within the area's core is a massive blown-glass (Murano) chandelier whose delicacy is in ironic contrast to the industrial muscle that otherwise surrounds you on all sides. Menu items seem deceptively simple when listed on the stark white menu, and except for an occasional gaffe, are incredibly flavor-filled and artful upon delivery. Examples include Indian-style entrecôte of lamb with raita; grilled filet of salmon with artichokes, tomatoes, and herbs; and a vegetarian version of tortilla with guacamole and sour cream. Either of these might be accompanied with an all-vegetarian gratin of celeriac and potatoes.

Ambience: TRENDY

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