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Park 97 Complex,
Gaolan Lu 2,
Tel: +86 2153832328

Since opening in 1997 Lan Kwai Fong has quickly become one of Shanghai’s trendiest venues. With 80 bars clubs and restaurants is a late night mecca for Shanghais fashionista. The trendiest of these outposts is arguably the Lan Kwai Fong signature restaurnt itself. This elegant restaurant serves up a culinary journey through China, with regional delicacies from Guangdong, Chiu Chow, Szechuan, Beijing, and Shanghai. Traditional touches include ceiling fans, terra-cotta warriors, and chirping birds in antique cages. Specialties include panfried Szechuan-style king prawns, Shanghainese crystal river shrimp, and diced beef tenderloin with chili and black pepper served in a potato basket. You'll get attention not only from the waitstaff but also from other patrons discreetly checking each other out, and from curious Shanghainese ambling through the park at this uber exclusive venue.

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