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7-5-5 Ginza
Tel: +81 335716050
Fax: +81 335716080

L’Osier (the Willow) in Tokyo’s extravagant Ginza and Hibiya region is unquestionably one of Japan’s top dining destinations. Frenchman Bruno Menard heads a small elite staff inside this exclusive art deco clad restaurant. As a chef, Menard is devoted to "neo-classic" cuisine. This is a discipline that closely defers to the classic technique and ideas of French cooking, while also instilling modern sensitivities through scrupulous selection of ingredients and methods of preparation. The Classic Signature Foie gras de canard is an exemplar of Menards meticulous skill, light and rich and bursting with flavor. As an accompaniment Toshifumi Nakamoto’s Wine list tends to focus on Bordeaux and Burgundy winery selections, with the cellar heavily stocked in those regional labels. The interior design here manifests a tasteful and harmonious blend of Japonism-influenced art deco and modernism. Art object appointments include paintings, tapestries and other outstanding pieces from leading French artists of the 20th century. The result is the portrayal of a nostalgic yet gratifyingly modern ambiance. The 45 strong staff roster outsizes the guest roster of just 40, meaning there’s always someone on hand to coddle, pamper, amaze, and seduce with excellent service and the superb cuisine. Be sure to dress to impress, not just because of the jacket and tie policy but also as all of Tokyo’s fashionista and politicians alike visit L’osier frequently. Strikingly precious and relaxed this multifaceted restaurant offers a perfect mirror image of the trendy Ginza-ite mindset and classic French fine-dining simultaneously.
Cuisine: French
Ambience: Formal Fine Dining

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