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1 Notts Avenue,
Bondi Beach,
NSW 2026
Tel: +61 293659000
Fax: +61 293659099

Australia’s most famous beach plays host to what is arguably Sydney’s most fashionable restaurant, the Iceberg Dining room. A place to both see and be seen in Sydney this uber-glam restaurant is oozing with style, from its’ reflective frosted glass to the suede upholstery. Beautiful people flock from miles around to soak up the warm atmosphere, one of a kind pacific seascapes and fantastic food of messrs Maurice Terzini and Mario Venneri. Modern Australian meets classic Italian as the kitchen serves up such intriguing morsels as cartoccio stingray with silverbeet, asparagus, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms in a paper bag or Ox fillet Chargrilled and sliced with 10 year old balsamic bone marrow. Not quite what most people are used to, but then again people don’t flock to Bondi beach for food that’s run of the mill do they? The quiescent warmth of this dining room is perhaps owed, in part, to the staff who are equally as accommodating as the room itself, always willing to help and offer wine pairings from the sommeliers multifarious vault.
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