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210 Symonds Street,
Tel: +64 93771911
Fax: +64 93778283

One of the remarkable things about The French Café is that the excellent service is so subtle. It is the friendliest we’ve encountered, and everything is unobtrusively and expertly attended to when it should be. If you’re the first to arrive, you’ll be put at ease, accompanied to your table and offered just the right aperitif to keep you happy. Creghan Molloy Wright’s front-of-house tem has grown over the years into a tight unit of charming, helpful people. There’s no flashy stuff here, just genuine assistance. Despite running a perpetually booked-out, nationally acclaimed fine ding room, Molloy-Wright always has a wide smile and a sparkle in her eyes, and seems as much at her ease discussing wine with captains of the industry as she is ushering tender young couples through their very first Big Night Out. Simon Wright operates the kitchen and does an equally sterling job, serving up Contemporary Europea cuisine that betrays his classic training undertaken at some of the worlds leading michllin starred restaurants. This ultimately is what keeps the punters lining up, a masterful chef who continues to finesse some classic dishes while expanding his repertoire, Wright is world class, as is his establishment.
Cuisine: French
Ambience: Formal Fine Dining
Special: Celebrity Chef, Starspotting

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