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Grosse Elbstrasse 143
Tel: +49 40381816

Fischereihafen, established some 4 decades ago, is the best seafood restaurant in town, if you prefer true local fare to the internationally oriented cuisine of other restaurants. Every day, the staff buys only the freshest fish and shellfish at the Hamburg auction hall. The menu changes daily, depending on what seafood is available. The second floor is said to be full of "fish and VIPs" - the latter have included the likes of Helmut Kohl and Tina Turner. Appetizers include filet of sole and lobster or a plate of fresh oysters; the house special is turbot with salmon mousse dotted with truffles. A favorite local main course is a plate of giant shrimp with exotic fruits in a curry-cream sauce. Picture windows open onto a view of the Elbe.

Cuisine: SEAFOOD
Ambience: Urbane Fine Dining

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