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Soi 38, Sukhumvit Rd,
Tel: +66 027136048
Fax: +66 027136047

Asiaís Face Bars pride themselves on being sites of otherworldly sensory experiences and the sine qua non for trendsetting. This venue is no exception, with a chic bar, envigorating spa and two top class restaurants:

Lan Na Thai

Quintisentially authentic this restaurant is an homage to provincial Thailand and itís culinary palette. Ornately decorated with historic statuettes, elaborate tribal artefacts and floral arrangements the teak pavilion is a sight to behold. Head chef Phanuphong Changthong is in charge of the multi-faceted menu that features numerous stir fried, steamed, curried, deep fried and charcoal grilled delights. Seafood, Meat and poultry dishes sit alongside some excellent vegetarian options.


This northern Indian restaurant is named after a region known for its fusion of Tandoor and Handi cuisine, forging a rich and diverse menu rich in texture and flavour. Chef Thaman Budha is responsible for maintaining the delicate balance of the cuisine, offering guests everything from Machli Tikki Rampuri -a mouth watering seasonal boneless fish tikka oozing with juices in a marinade of mustard oil & spices finished in the tandoor- to Khadai Jheenga - Succulent shrimps off the shell and bell peppers, stir-fried with coriander seeds and peppercorn.

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