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Hong Kong

Flat B 5th Floor,
Kin Tye Lung Building,
27-29 Bonham Strand West,
Hong Kong,
Tel: +852 28051116

Speakeasy dining (si fang cai) is currently all the rage for the disciples of Hong Kongís burgeoning gastro scene, and with itís superlative cuisine and intimate surroundings Choi Chung Chow, has the most sought after joint in town. He not only cooks the food, but he and his wife, Wong Kit Hing, serve it and introduce each dish as well. She also creates Japanese-style floral arrangements for their cozy four-room apartment. As with the other speakeasies throughout Hong Kong, the Chow Chung menu reflects what is in the marketplace that day, but it is unusual in that each meal is different. Chow is a true culinary master, perfectly at home whether it be preparing Barbecued pork and dried octopus in a wrap of lotus leaves or sweet bird's nest soup garnished with seeds and fresh lily bulbs. One thing all dinerís can hope for though is Chowís speciality steamed shark's fin soup in a papaya, a delicacy no large restaurant could make, no supplier could put in a tin and no other chef on earth could do to such perfection. Reservationís are absolutely essential, with the entire apartment seating only about 20 people and Hong Kongís population simmering around the 8 million mark, but those who manage to acquire one are in for a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Cuisine: Chinese
Ambience: informal home
Groups: MAXIMUM 6
Special: set Menus Only

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