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Via De Monte Testaccio 30,
Tel: +39 065743816
Fax: +39 065746318

A certifiable Roman institution as important to the gastronomic world as the nearby Coliseum is to the archaeological society. Ninetta Mariani and her sons Francesco and Elio run the establishment now that has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a wine store that began serving food on the side. The decor is very attractive and the service attentive and efficient. The cuisine is Italian, or Roman to be more specific, offering classically prepared dishes using only the best of daily sourced local produce. Il Cucina povera (the poor’s food) is a recurring theme of the menu, as the chef seeks to remain true to the restaurants initial calling as a place where the poor used eat their tripe and oxtail dishes such as rigatoni con pajata (pasta with small intestines), coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew), fagioli e cotiche (beans with intestinal fat), all of which are offered today. Fitting of its wine retailer past there’s more than 600 domestic and international varietals on offer from the cellar.
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Cuisine: ITALIAN
Ambience: Forma Fine Dining

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