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Via Gabba Fratelli,
7 20121 Milano
Tel: +39 02 8058051

Reflecting the italian Jewellers bold contemporary style, the prestigious Bulgari Hotel is arrayed in precious materials; black Zimbabwe marble in the public spaces, Vicenza and Turkish Aphyon stones in the Spa, solid teak decks and English oak floors in the rooms and suites. The hotelís large private garden, next to the botanical gardens, creates a serene oasis in the very centre of the city. In a stylish location near the fashion district, La Scala and the Academy of Brera, the hotel offers optional private villa, museum, helicopter and seaplane tours.
58 ultra-stylish rooms combine contemporary design with comfort. The rare and precious materials used, like solid teak, durmast and oak, create surprising chromatic harmonies and lend the rooms an intimate atmosphere. All spaces feature contemporary Italian furniture and details designed by Citterio. The Special Rooms are equipped with meditation corners, complete with Tatami floors for an authentic relaxing setting. The unique facilities and services, help turn even the busiest of business trips into an experience of absolute comfort.

The sophisticated garden view restaurant popular with model-types and fashionista. Bulgari Spa has indoor gold mosaic pool and emerald glass hammam, signature massage and beauty treatments. Guests enjoy access to exclusive golf and country club.

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