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Abu Dhabi

Shangri-La hotel
Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 25098888

The French do two things extremely well – art and food – and both have made like Napoleon and invaded foreign shores. While artparis-abudhabi introduces the former to Emirates Palace, Bord Eau presents its own gallery of fine food, with all but two dishes on the menu flown in from France. The menu changes every three months on a seasonal basis and appears confusing at first, with starters and mains separated into four categories, including signature and Escoffier. The langoustines with beluga caviar were a ludicrously posh way to start, but made every letter of the word exquisite stand up and take a bow. The succulent monkfish main was shipped over from Brittany and flaked beautifully, while the crunch of almond added a cheeky texture. The side order of mash was piping hot and was smoother than a clean-shaven David Ginola. The pear dessert rounded things off with a sweet and delicate twist. It looks impressive too. The huge windows remind you that you’re still in the Middle East, while the pristine table presentation and paintings of ballerinas add that famous French flair to proceedings. The spectacular chandelier-like lights deserve to be accompanied by a Debussy score, poetically descending to make Bord Eau one of the most romantic restaurants in the capital too.

Cuisine: FRENCH
Ambience: Forma Fine Dining

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