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Abu Dhabi

Hilton Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 26811900

There’s no need for Bice, with its wooden, chic and understated decor, to try to compete with the glitzy, gold-plated options around town. After all, it boasts excellent food, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a great view of Abu Dhabi’s coastline, so why try to clinch the clientele with decorative themes? As recommended by the waiter, try the exquisitely fresh octopus carpaccio, which comes with a medley of chopped potatoes, tomatoes and greens, topped with olive oil. For a heavier option, order the goat’s cheese salad: a serving of baked chèvre over a bed of greens and sundried tomatoes, thyme and grilled courgette. But save room for the mains. The spaghetti with Canadian lobster served with tomato, garlic and basil is a rich option for those looking to nap after lunch or dinner, whereas the Sicilian pasta with aubergine, tomato sauce and parsley is an elegant, light and thoroughly delicious option. If after all the feasting you’ve reached your limit, then order the sorbet. They come in two flavours, lemon and strawberry, and they’re light, fresh, and suitably pert.
Cuisine: ITALIAN
Ambience: Urbane Fine Dining

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