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Sao Paolo

Alameda Lorena 1884
Jardin Paulista
Sao Paolo
Tel: + 55 1130823015

Antiquarius offers the perfect elegant setting to savor Portuguese cuisine served up with style and tradition. The menu offers dishes that are hard to find outside Portugal, such as the cataplana de peixes e frutos do mar, a rich stew of seafood and fish, with bacon and sausage thrown in for seasoning, all served in a traditional pot resembling a wok with a lid. Another traditional seafood favorite is ašorda -- crab, shrimp, and mussels baked together in a clay dish, with an egg on top of the food for decoration. Then there's the cod (bacalhau), which has been a staple of Portuguese cooking since long before Columbus set sail. The wine list leans to higher-end reds, with a large selection drawn almost exclusively from Portugal and France. Although the restaurant isn't cheap, it's at least a small consolation that prices aren't in euros.

Ambience: TRENDY

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